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Facilities & Accessibility

The York Dungeon welcomes guest with disabilities, together with their helpers and carers. This page aims to provide information to help guests with disabilities make the most of their visit with us with details of accessibility and visiting information.

The majority of our facilities are designed to be fully accessible to our disabled guests, however The York Dungeon is situated in a Grade 2 Listed building and this does cause some restrictions for guests with mobility issues.

Getting around

Navigating around the Dungeon will be mainly via level pathways. However due to the nature of the attraction some floor surfaces are uneven. Access is also gained via low gradient slopes and specialised stair lifts (restrictions apply) to the various levels of the attraction. The York Dungeon tour lasts approximately 70 minutes, of which most you will be required to stand.

For safety reasons we can only accommodate one manual wheelchair user at a time who requires an evacuation chair to exit the building. We have two flights of stairs both with stair lifts (Max weight 120kg/ 18.8 stone) and guests must be able to transfer from wheelchair to stair lift unaided by Dungeon staff.

For those who require it, we do have a wheelchair for use on-site.

We would advise wheelchair users to book in advance as without an advanced booking may need to wait a considerable time to start the tour. Please telephone 01904 632599

The York Dungeon is not suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia.

Dick Turpin – Drop Benches

The drop benches are to give the illusion of hanging and give a sudden movement; wheelchair users must be able to transfer un-aided into and out of the ride seats. The benches are not suitable for visitors with:

  • Heart complaints or pacemakers
  • Back or neck complaints
  • Broken limbs or have had recent surgery
  • Pregnant guests
  • Have a condition that may result in injury or complication from quick movement

Accessible Parking

Unfortunately the Dungeon does not have any designated parking.

The nearest car parks to the York Dungeon is Castle Car Park (Post code:YO1 9SA) and Piccadilly Car Park (Post code: YO1 9NX) which both have disabled parking bays. Please note that these car parks are not operated by the York Dungeon and that use of these parking bays, would be subject to the terms and conditions of the car park operator.


The main toilets are located next to the main building entrance (to the left if stood facing the front doors) and are accessed via a separate entrance, please use these before your tour as they are not accessible once your tour starts and we don’t want any spillages! If you are unsure ask a member of the team … And they may help you!

The York Dungeon also has a disabled toilet, located part way through the tour (approximately 15 minutes into the tour) and is situated by the Mirror Maze, just after the Golden Fleece show . If you are unsure, inform one of the actors that you require the toilet.

Helpers and Carers

A helper or carer is welcome to accompany a disabled visitor without charge. Only one carer can receive free entry per disabled guest. Please ensure you pre book online or via our contact centre to avoid general admission queue lines and to book your time slot allocation. We may require documentary proof of disability i.e. blue/orange badge, DLA letter or doctor or physician letter.

For further information about disability access at the York Dungeon please email

Visually Impaired Guests

The Dungeon is very dark and those with low vision or visual impairment may have difficulty navigating around the facility.

Photosensitive Epilepsy

The Jack the Ripper show contains strobe lighting which may affect those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. We recommend speaking to a member of the team before you enter and begin your tour so we can fully brief you on locations strobe lighting is used. An alternative route will be provided for those who need to bypass these areas.

Hearing Impaired Guests

The York Dungeon experience is largely delivered by actors and voiceover audio, often in low light levels. Therefore guests with hearing difficulties may struggle to experience the attraction fully, however you are able to bring a person along free of charge to assist. Please contact: to arrange.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in the York Dungeon, however, due to health and safety regulations they are not permitted to ride on any rides with the guest. A member of your party must be with the dog at all times. Please note there are loud noises, mist effects and smells (good and nasty) that may be confusing to assistance annimals.


The York Dungeon Shop has a fantastic range of goodies to remember your visit! Like the Dungeon it is unique experience and is accessible via Cumberland Street for gifts all year round!

Watch out for our latest offers on Facebook and Twitter!


Members of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPAA) welcomes visits by disabled people and will do all that is possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable stay. However certain rides/attractions within our attraction can be physically demanding and vigorous. We therefore reserve the tight to refuse admission to certain rides/attractions should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for whatever reason. We have been advised by the health and safety executive that refusal on the grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. We hope that you understand and accept the decisions made in the interest of your safety.

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