The Witch is Back - Isabella Billington

The Curse of The Witch

Be afraid.

Is evil lurking in the depths of The York Dungeon? You will find out, if you dare. The Curse of The Witch is a brand new show based on the story of Isabella Billington, from Pocklington. 

In 17th Century England, fears of Witchcraft are very much real. Scores of women and men are being accused, locked up and executed, for a seemingly impossible crime.

And you're about to meet one such unfortunate soul...

She claims this is all a mistake, after all, witches don't really they?

Watch and wait, these are the final moments before her execution, maybe she will convince you she's innocent.

But Maybe there's a reason she's locked up!

Please note: The Curse of The Witch show uses strobe lighting effects which may not be suitable for persons with Photo Sensitive Epilepsy.