Cuddle a rat with afternoon tea!

Rat Cafe

Ever fancied cuddling a rat? Join us for a Dungeon experience like no other; with some very furry guests making an appearance.

Experience an evening of nibbles, drink and whiskered friends only at The York Dungeon Rat Café. These amazing evenings are only taking place on selected dates in the year, and spaces are VERY limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Even more, every ticket includes a tour of The York Dungeon beforehand; afterwards you will take a seat in the Goose and Gallows Tavern, before getting to meet some very friendly (and very cuddly) rats!

Your ticket comes with the following:

  • Tour of The York Dungeon
  • Official Souvenir Guidebook
  • A Souvenir Photo
  • A drink in the Goose and Gallows Tavern
  • Some Nibbles (for Humans only)
  • A Private Rat Handling Session!


The Rat Cafe will take place on:

  • April 4th
  • July 4th
  • September 12th
  • October 10th

Event starts at 15:45/16:45 and ends at 18:45/19:45 and is presented in conjunction with Racheys Rat Mischief.

This event is for ages 16+ only.

Click the tabs to see just some of the lovely rats you'll get to meet at our Rat Cafe.

Name: Kirk

Born: December 2017

Loves: Climbing and hiding

Fav Food: Chicken

Pet Peeve: Too much chicken makes him sick!

Name: Ron

Born: May 2017

Fun fact: He’s called Ron because he’s ginger (we get it!)

Loves: Strawberries

Name:  Spike

Born: December 2016

Loves: Food

Hates: Being Fat

Secret Talent: Wiggles Tail when happy

Name: Sirius

Born: April 2017

Loves: Cuddles and cleaning his fur

Awards: Best Pet at Yorkshire Rat Club Show!