Halloween Cruise on the Ouse

Oh dear! We're being let out to take over a City River Cruise. Join us for a scary-fun journey through York's ghostly and infamous history 

Halloween Cruise on the Ouse 

In partnership with City Cruises York we have created a river cruise like no other. It features some of the scariest ghost stories from York, on an after-hours cruise down the River Ouse.

Perfect for families, you’ll be told of some of the spooky sightings seen throughout history, by prophetess Mother Shipton and Roman soothsayer Tiberius Fabius Bibulus.


"...plenty of spooky stories to keep you entertained during the hour-long trip. As you would expect from the Dungeon, the actors are first-rate and completely captivating."
- Maxine Gordon, The York Press

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