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San Francisco

Vengeance of the Vikings

Clifford’s Tower

You’re at the heart of the Viking invasion in 866 and the last thing you wanted, as a trembling Saxon, is to bump into the infamous Snore Short Sword: fearless Viking warrior and Son of Snore Shorter Sword. His arrogance and dim wittedness is as hilariously funny as it is dangerous. He’ll introduce you to the most unpleasant of tortures…viper pits, whipping and much, much more!

What you'll learn

  • Find out exactly what the infamous blood eagle was
  • Which Saxon kings the Viking’s had it in for
  • How long the Vikings planned on sticking around

Dungeons Uncovered

State of the art and brand new to The York Dungeon, this show has some frighteningly funny special effects! But you’ll have to come along to test them out, if you dare...

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“My friend and I went to York Dungeons last weekend. We had the most fantastic time due to the staff there. Firstly the photographer who was rather amused by the fact I specifically requested the sign …”

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