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San Francisco

Ghost of York – A tale of two Williams

Pub scene

It's late into the night and walking through the narrow Shambles has made you desperate for a refreshment. Enter the Golden Fleece and come face to face with the unnerving Landlord, who delights in telling the tale of the two Williams of 1821! You might even meet the ghost of William Brown!

What you'll learn

  • The intriguing tale of the two Williams.
  • Why William Brown was so angry.

Dungeons Uncovered

This show requires the actor to perform at a very fast pace due to the lengthy script, with key timings and a special effect. It takes lots of training, timing and comedic ability.

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“Me and my girlfriend came to York Dungeon during our visit to the city and we were blown away!

I don't normally go for audience participation attractions but this one drew me in with it's h…”

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