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The Judge

The Judge

The crazed inquisitor's eyes are popping out of his head with disgust at the wicked crimes committed by you and your fellow visitors. This show is full of fun and audience participation as the eccentric Judge tries whoever he deems fit, for his or her scandalous crimes. From witchcraft to treason, being from Manchester or having a mono-brow. BOO the criminals!

  • Face the judge and his large book of secrets.
  • Three criminals, three crimes, three guilty peasants.
  • Find out who has been spotted in the midst of the crime.

The worst criminals will have to face Execution!

What you'll learn

  • Who will float and who will sink?
  • Was dancing naked in the dark against the law?
  • What happened to those found guilty?

Dungeons uncovered

The York Dungeon is just adjacent to the current York Crown Court which was the 18th century Courthouse. Costumes for this show replicate what judges from that time would have looked like - and so does most of their random reasoning.

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“A HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you for a fantastic day today. I came with 26 school children who all had a brilliant day (although lots of tears). The special effects were tremendous! Smedle…”

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