Witch Isabella Billington at the York Dungeon

The Judge

Your exclusive guide to one of The Dungeon’s most famous witches.

Isabella Billington of Pocklington
The Yorkshire Witch
32 (1616- 1648)
Housewife, Yorkshire Witch and murderer.
Trademark appearance:
1639 fashion; a tucked-up skirt and short sleeved jacket. Don’t be fooled, not all witches wear black hats and travel on brooms!
Favourite hangouts:
Apothecaries…to get ingredients for cooking up alternative medicines.
Witchcraft, Dark arts and crucifixion. Burning calf’s and cockerels as an offering to the devil.
Mother, hangings and burnings.
Looking for:
The devil to save her...
Witch Isabella Billington at the York Dungeon

Surviving your audience with Isabella Billington

A few useful tips:

  • DO NOT mention her Mother.
  • DO NOT talk of your ailments.
  • DO NOT wonder out loud what life would be like as a toad.
  • DO share potion recipes.
  • DO compliment her wisdom.
  • DO wear fire-proof clothing.

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