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Fear the Vikings

The wrath of the Viking’s has fallen upon the city of Eoforwic and you Saxons are at the very heart of the invasion. Quick! Scurry away to the hidden chamber at Eoforwic Minster where the Monks might (just might) help you escape, but only if you are willing to put aside your sinful Saxon ways!

What you'll learn

  • What did Anglo-Saxons believe was the real cause for the Viking invasion?
  • Was Ivar the Boneless successful in his ruthless invasion of Eoforwic?
  • Was there any place of sanctuary from the Viking’s destruction?

Dungeons Uncovered

This is a brand new show for The York Dungeon in 2016! That means there are brand new characters, scripts and much, much more…

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“Well done Guys n Girls. What a show. I'd recommend anyone going to York to not miss out. Characters are excellent and the whole experience was superb. Frights and laughs galore.

Dom See more reviews...

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