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Its 1405 - join the crowds gathered to witness our careless executioner as he shares the gory tales of York's Micklegate Bar. But watch out… there is a traitor amongst you. Who will be next to lose his or her head?.

  • Meet the dirty, stinking medieval peasant who is eager to be the Executioner of York.
  • Watch your mates be picked by the Executioner for death!
  • Be executed by the Halifax Gibbet, beheaded or be held in the pillory and shamed in Micklegate Bar, gateway to the city.

What you'll learn

  • What were the different types of execution including the Halifax Gibbet?
  • Why did Thomas Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfeck and Richard Le Scrope lose their heads?

Dungeons Uncovered

This is a great show in the York Dungeon. The actor will interact with the group – guaranteeing some good laughs.

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“The York dungeon is not only a dungeon the staff at the reception is very friendly and helpful! You aren't waiting long to enter they have all got the best actors I have ever seen with all different r…”

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