Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower

You will be welcomed into Clifford's Tower and prepared for 2000 years of York's gloriously horrible history by rebellion Robert Aske.

Meet Robert Aske

The highly-energised Yorkshire Lawyer will give you a taster of what is to come on your journey through the dark and unnerving York Dungeon.

“Mark my words if Henry catches you, you’ll pay with your miserable lives.” Robert Aske.

Will you survive King Henry VIII and getaway from his mob? It all starts here!

What you'll learn

Who was Robert Aske and why did he lead 40,000 Yorkshire supporters to stand up against King Henry VIII?

Dungeons Uncovered

The Robert Aske talking head will give a brief introduction to the Dungeon and sets the scene of why he was chained to the walls of Clifford’s Tower in 1537.

A very special video technique is being used to create the effect of Robert Aske’s talking head. Images are projected on the cast of an actual head of an actor. These images are filmed while the actor's head is secured so that it won't move. The actor is reliant on his or her facial impression to deliver the best effects of the story. The projections and the cast create the perfect optical illusions, something you would never get in a museum!

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“The York Dungeons were amazing, very funny and very scary! The Actors were AMAZING and they really got into their character! The sound effects, lighting and sets were AMAZING especially in the witches…”

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