Contrary to popular belief, we actually have loads of friends! Take a look below at some of the wonderful folk we work with.

M-A-C Cosmetics

Who’s a pretty boy then? Yes, that’s right, we are, now that we’ve teamed up with globally famed M·A·C Cosmetics so that all our actors have the best theatrical make-up and styling out there.

The fabulous experts at M·A·C Cosmetics delivered exclusive training sessions so that all our actors here at the York Dungeon look like they have just stepped off York’s rogues’ catwalk - Meeow! Yes, that was nice of them wasn’t it? They’ve somehow managed to perfect the authentic ‘sweat and pus’ look, the hottest trend this season. Urgh.

Check out the Dungeons' look when you pay us a visit (just look at how hideous our actors look!). You'll leave wondering "Were those buboes real? Or have we just contracted the plague?"

If you pick up a Guidebook, you can even learn how to style your own face Dungeon style!