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Miss Piggott at The San Francisco Dungeon

Secret Passage

Step in for a drink on the house! We’ve got a wide variety to suit everyone’s tastes! 

Miss Piggott always warmly welcomes new visitors, especially the strong-looking ones. But why’s she acting so strange?

Come on in and have a seat at the bar with Miss Piggott and her girls. Don’t mind the floorboards, it's not like there's a trap door under them, silly! Miss Piggott’s old friend and business partner, Shanghai Kelly, might stop by for a visit. He loves fresh talent, I mean, faces such as yours.


What You'll Learn

  • What's that noise coming from underneath the floorboards?
  • What kind of business do Mr. Kelly and Miss Piggott collaborate on? 
  • Why do they want to know about how your "sea legs" are? 

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Scary score is 3 out of 5