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A Maze of Mines

The Gold Rush of 1849 traces its origins to just northeast of San Francisco in the Sierra Foothills. It was here in Sutter's Mill that the first traces of gold were found.

The gold reserves have been all but exhausted and the prospectors are desperate for any signs of the precious metal. The question is: how long are they willing to search and what effect will that kind of desperation have on the locals…

Enter the mines to search for any remaining gold to appease the prospector. Turn left, then right, then three lefts and then a U-turn. You got that? But wait, where was the entrance? Or the exit?


What You'll Learn

  • Whether you have a good sense of direction 
  • If you can stay calm in the disorienting maze of mirrors and tunnels
  • What happens to the miners if there's no more gold

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Scary score is 3 out of 5

You are in 1849