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Meet Sergeant Gunter

You may have been sentenced to serve time for your crimes, but the chance for you filthy rascals to escape has come!

Attention, criminals! Just when you thought you had all the plague, prison, murder, and greed your underpants could handle, JUST WAIT! We have one last surprise for you. Take the drop of a lifetime (or maybe just your last...) when you jump from The Rock to freedom on Escape Alcatraz!

Some say he's a little too stern and treats new prisoners poorly. Other say... well, it doesn't really matter what the others say, does it? Find out what you're in for and maybe, just maybe you'll have the chance to escape from the prison yard on Escape Alcatraz Drop Ride!

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What You'll Learn

  • What crime are you in for?
  • Is Sergeant Gunter good at his job on Alcatraz?
  • Can you escape Alcatraz alive? (Can anyone?!)

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Show Stats

Scary score 4 out of 5

This is an exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride

Safety Regulations




  • Under 5 years of age
  • Under 45” in height
  • Cannot be secured by the lap-bar
  • Unable to hold on or sit up straight unassisted


A few more RULES:

  • Prisoners between 5 and 10 years must be accompanied by an Adult aged 18 or over
  • To ride without an adult you must be 55” tall and at least 10 years of age


Prisoners MUST:

  • Remain seated
  • Hold on tightly to the lap bar
  • Leave all loose belongings in the storage bins before boarding (Bags, scarves, umbrellas, walking sticks, phones, cameras etc)
  • Remove loose footwear such as flip flops


Prisoners MUST NOT:

  • Attempt to open the lap bar at anytime
  • Attempt to enter or leave the ride until instructed to do so by the staff member
  • Attempt to stand up
  • Swing, Jump, lean out of their seat at any time
  • Eat, drink or smoke in the ride area or on the ride
  • Be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to ride



  • Animals cannot ride
  • Pregnant women, infirm persons and anyone with a heart complaint ride at their own risk
  • All bulky items including strollers must be left where directed by the staff member

For your safety, Instructions from staff must be adhered to at all times and enforced