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Facilities & Accessibility, ADA

The San Francisco Dungeon welcomes guests with disabilities, together with their helpers and care givers. This page aims to provide information to help guests with disabilities make the most of their visit with us with details of accessibility and visiting information.

The majority of our facilities are designed to be fully accessible to ADA guests. However due to the complex nature of an emergency evacuation, it is not possible for a wheelchair user, or those with difficulty walking to participate in Shanghai Kelly's Show unless able to self-transfer on and off the conveyance.

Getting Around


Navigating around the Dungeon will be mainly via level pathways. However due to the nature of the attraction some floor surfaces are uneven. Access is also gained via low gradient slopes, a specialized wheel chair lift (restrictions apply) and a stair climber (restrictions apply) to the various levels of the attraction. The San Francisco Dungeon tour lasts approximately 60 minutes.

For safety reasons we can only accept ONE (1) wheelchair user per tour group and only three (3) wheelchair users within the San Francisco Dungeon at any given time. Tour groups depart every eight (8) minutes so for large groups of wheelchair users please contact us for information on how we can assist you with booking your group. We would advise booking your visit in advance as wheelchair users without an advanced booking may need to wait a considerable time to start the tour or not be able to gain admission if we are fully booked. You can book in advance via our toll-free number.

The San Francisco Dungeon is not suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia and anxiety.

Electronic Wheelchairs

At the San Francisco Dungeon due to our restriction with our wheelchair user lifts we are at times unable to admit electronic wheelchairs to a weight and width restriction. The wheelchair and person must weigh under 600 pounds (330kg) and the chair cannot extend the width of 27 inches. Also due to narrow passages and doorways within the San Francisco Dungeon care givers operating electronic wheelchairs may find they are unable to navigate through certain areas, for more information please call our toll-free number.

Electronic wheelchairs must be able to navigate through tight bends at an angle.

The San Francisco Dungeon does use dark lighting throughout the experience and due to the nature of the attraction there is uneven flooring such as cobbles which will need to be navigated through.


There are areas of the Dungeon that contain strobe lighting which may affect those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. These areas are marked so please look out for them. An alternative route will be provided for those who need to bypass these areas.


Due to width and weight restrictions throughout the attraction, The San Francisco Dungeon is not accessible for guests with Mobility Scooters.


Upon entrance to The San Francisco Dungeon you and your group will enter the Descent. this is an elevator down to start your tour. During this journey the elevator floor will shake from side to side. For those who suffer from motion sickness please alert a member of staff before entering the elevator.


Elements of the Dungeon could trigger PTSD or anxiety.


Pregnant guests are welcome to visit the Dungeon at any time during their pregnancy and can take part in all nine (9) shows in our tour, however those expecting should not board Shanghai Kelly's Show as a precaution. Please inform our ‘Dungeon Keepers’ (Show Operators) that you wish to bypass the show and they will show you into the next part of the tour. This will not affect the rest of your experience.

The San Francisco Dungeon tour is a 60 minute walking experience and guests will be expected to stand in the majority of shows as there is not always seating available in the show area.

The San Francisco Dungeon is dark in areas, with uneven flooring and there are stairs which you will need to be climbed throughout the attraction. Due to the nature of the attraction you should expect jump out scares, unexpected frights and two shows include shaking floor effects.

You can leave the tour at any stage during your visit to us. Please speak to the actor who will make sure a member of the management team comes to show you to the exit. If you require first aid assistance at any time, we always have a registered first aider on site.

We have toilet facilities at the beginning and end of the 60 minute tour experience. If you need to use the bathroom at any time during your tour please let the actor know and they will arrange this for you. You will then be able to re-join your group after visiting the facilities. If you have any questions please do ask a member of our team.