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Miss Piggott's (Not-So) Nice Creams

  • Thursday July 12th 2018

This Friday the 13th, you peasants can feast on some FREE ice cream. The catch? There are some toppings that are just to DIE for...

For one day only – Friday, July 13 – Miss Piggott’s (Not-So) Nice Cream Pop-up Parlor will celebrate National Ice Cream Month by serving macabre and nightmarish ice cream adorned with the most creepy, crawly and terrifying toppings imaginable. This pop-up ice cream parlor will be presented by The San Francisco Dungeon, the only fully-immersive attraction of its kind to celebrate the dark side of the city’s history. The ice cream will be free for those daring enough to taste Miss Piggott’s creations. Straight out of foodie nightmares, these “flavors” will include dirty ice cream topped with anything found crawling on the dungeon floor like insects, scorpions and worms. The parlor will be located at 1 Jefferson Street and open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. while sickening supplies last.