Things To Do In Fisherman's Wharf

If you need some ideas of what to do during your trip to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, we have some tips for you. You’re welcome.

There are certain things in life that should be avoided, like sunlight, love, cheery people, err… I mean…what? Anyway, Fisherman’s Wharf isn’t one of these things. There are plenty of fun things to do at Fisherman’s Wharf for people of all ages!

We’re feeling surprisingly generous today (enjoy it while it lasts). If you need some ideas of what to do during your trip to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, we have some tips for the best places to visit, whether you're looking for things to do in SF today or things to do in SF in 3 days and beyond. You’re welcome.

One of the quintessential San Francisco activities is riding a cable car –

Which you can do right to the Wharf. There are two cable car lines that service Fisherman’s Wharf: the Powell-Hyde line and the Powell-Mason line.

Cable cars aren’t your thing? Fine, you needy scoundrel!

How about a bus? Big Bus offers 24 hour hop on/hop off bus rides that take you to all of the city’s top landmarks. There’s a stop on Jefferson Street where you can begin your experience.

Ya know where else you can visit on Jefferson Street?

The depths of The San Francisco Dungeon - where ya belong. Err…I mean…Madame Tussauds San Francisco, which is located right next door to The SF Dungeon. Get up close and (too) personal with your heroes and the local legends…

Or head into Ripley’s to see the “weirdest things on the Wharf” –

Like shrunken heads and an Egyptian mummified foot (we thought we were gross). There’s also a laser maze… will you make it out? We often wonder the same question about us Dungeon dwellers.

Hungry? Parched?

Miss Piggott… umm…I mean Boudin Bakery probably has just the thing for you. It’s one of San Francisco’s most famous eateries, and the sourdough bread is to DIE for. Trust us, we would know.

If you still have time to spare, just follow the smell.

Hey! No, it isn’t coming from us. Or is it? Hmm…anyway, the sea lions are the most loveable stinkers you’ll ever encounter. Make your way towards them – they are some of the most fundamental Fisherman’s Wharf icons.

We don’t recommend that you jump into the water of the Bay...

But if you are just DYING to see more marine life, stop by the Aquarium of the Bay. You’ll be able to experience walk-through tunnel exhibits and more than 20,000 marine animals throughout the aquarium.

Make your way down Pier 39 for all sorts of additional amusement.

The 7D experience is action-packed and thrilling; play laser-blasting games and stay on the edge of your seat the whole time. Hop onto a Blue and Gold Ferry for a one hour cruise around the Bay. Pass through tons of unique shops, or eat at Hard Rock Cafe. The possibilities are endless.

Once again, you’re welcome for all of the cool things to do in SF. See you rascals soon!