Shanghai Kelly

Shanghai Kelly

You've been shanghaied! Miss Piggott tricked you (surprise, surprise), and you've been sold off to Shanghai Kelly, and infamous crimper, to work as a sailor on a ship. Down a secret passageway to the wharf, you and your fellow crewmates take a journey through the back waterways to meet your fate. Welcome to the 70s! The 1870s, that is. 

In the black trade of Shanghaiing, the villainous Shanghai Kelly is known as "King of the Crimps." Having "picked" you up from Miss Piggott’s saloon, Kelly intends to take you by boat out into the bay and sell you to one of the ships as crew. No way back, no escape!


These back waterways are where the revelers come to let loose away from the authorities. But you’re not headed to a party – you’re out to sea to meet your new captain. On this boat ride through the dark harbor, Shanghai Kelly’s assistant describes the lives of those that have been unsuspectingly nabbed and the fate you face as a sailor! Will the captain pay a premium price for your labor, or will your lot be deemed unfit for work? Or will the unexpected happen? Probably the latter.


  • Who will be deemed worthy to join the captain’s crew?
  • Will you be dubbed a “cabin boy” or a “powder monkey?"
  • What IS that smell???

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