Gangs of San Francisco

Gangs of San Francisco

Head down the rough Kearny Street - the gang called The Hounds rules this area.

These thugs and hoodlums, politically controlled by the American Party, claim they "know nothing" and extort protection money. They'll teach you a thing or two about political persuasion...


Relax, this won't hurt (oh... wait). As the leader of The Hounds, Sam shows no mercy to political traitors and has perfected his craft. He likes to show off and he also LOVES to teach - usually by demonstration. He might even seek one out for practice for his favorite new implement... lucky you! But don't worry, Sam has a sensitive side too. (Actually... so do you. Ask him and he'll show you where it is!) 


  • What The Hounds have to do with the "Know Nothings"
  • What's Sam's favorite way to get what he wants?
  • What are the tricks of the trade? 

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