The Great Fire of London

Escape Alcatraz Drop Ride

You may have been sentenced to serve time for your crimes, but the chance for you filthy rascals to escape has come!

Attention, criminals! Just when you thought you had all the plague, prison, murder, and greed your underpants could handle, JUST WAIT! We have one last surprise for you. Take the drop of a lifetime (or maybe just your last...) when you jump from The Rock to freedom on Escape Alcatraz!


Some say he's a little too stern and treats new prisoners poorly. Other say... well, it doesn't really matter what the others say, does it? Find out what you're in for and maybe, just maybe you'll have the chance to escape from the prison yard on Escape Alcatraz Drop Ride!


  • What crime are you in for?
  • Is Sergeant Gunter good at his job on Alcatraz?
  • Can you escape Alcatraz alive? (Can anyone?!)

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