Queer Dungeon

Whips! Drag! Laughs! Fear! For a limited time only,

The San Francisco Dungeon is totally QUEER! 


You've been to The San Francisco Dungeon, but you haven't been to The San Francisco Dungeon after dark. THAT'S when things get a little, ahem, interesting. 

On March 20th and March 21st, all 9 of the shows will still be included, but they'll have queer twists.

  • The Gangs of San Francisco show? Still there... but the, erm... "tools" are R rated.

  • Miss Piggott's Saloon? Miss Piggott's still inside... but she... looks a little hairier... 

  • The Alcatraz Prison Guard? Her middle name is Butch. 

You get the idea... right?! 

Experience the eccentric show for just a limited time!

Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21 ONLY.

Choose between a 7pm show or 8pm show. Your ticket will include admission to the one hour Queer Dungeon experience.

18+ EVENT.