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"PISH! Panic ye not!"

It’s the 2nd September 1666 and the sparks from Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane have set the packed timber houses of London alight and the city has become a raging inferno.

The flames are so hot cooked pigeons are dropping out of the sky, the streets are running with molten lead and St Paul’s is burning to the ground. Londoners are fleeing the Capital, piling into boats on the river to escape the destruction as panic sweeps the city.

You'll find yourself inside the house of Lord Mayor of London, Thomas Bludworth. He thinks the panic about the fire is all a load of PISH! We'll leave that for you to decide... but we've got the feeling you'll be needing more than a bucket of water. 


  • How many times we can fit the word "PISH!" into a show - tehehe
  • Whether or not you should trust the Lord Mayor's judgement (Hint: NO!)
  • How smoky a room can get
  • How sturdy the walls of a 1600s townhouse are...

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Scary score is 2

You are in 1666 (can anyone smell smoke?)