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Step into a sinister Séance this Easter

  • Saturday 23rd March - Sunday 14th April
Christina Edmunds

The Chocolate Killer returns...

This Easter, the London Dungeon invites daring souls to step into our Victorian Medium’s shadowy parlour for an unprecedented séance experience like never before.

Make your way through the streets of Victorian London where you will meet the legendary psychic Agnes Guppy, who has become well known for her levitations and transportation during séances.

Are Gubby’s extraordinary psychic abilities fake? Or does she possess an unearthly gift to perpetuate paranormal activity? Brace yourselves as she attempts to make contact with the spirit world and bring back a poisonous character from Easter’s past. But what’s that smell… chocolate?

Place your hands on the Oujia board and come face to face with one of Britain’s most 'sickly' killers, Christina Edmunds!


Ticket includes

  • Guaranteed entry to the London Dungeon at your chosen time slot
  • Reschedule for free if your plans change

Ticket includes

  • Enjoy the ultimate flexibility with no time constraints: visit The London Dungeon any time on your selected day!

Ticket includes

  • Entry to the London Dungeon at your chosen time slot
  • Plus a Premium Cocktail of your choice in our Tavern