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Education Sessions


Please be advised we are currently unable to take bookings for our education sessions. We are continuing to adapt our plans in line with new government guidelines and carry out team training so that when we do reopen our school room, it is in the safest way possible for you and your students.

If you would like to be kept informed of when these education sessions will be available to book you can be kept up to date through our education newsletters >

In the meantime you might like to explore our supporting lesson plans >


Exclusive to schools, gain insight into one of the capital’s most immersive and exciting attractions through our Show Curation Workshops! Created in collaboration with education specialists, choose from a range of KS3/KS4 subjects to focus your minute show curation workshop on.

Designed for a class of up to 34 students, a workshop booking is £2 per pupil plus pupil admission (from £9.95). 


This English focused workshop explores the role of script writing and performance at the London Dungeon. It is important that the team think about historical context and how a character is brought to life by the actors. 

Pupils will:

  • Learn about the processes required to create a new show
  • In groups create a script for a new show focusing on: Context and scene, characters, intended audience, use of tone, volume, mood and action to add impact
  • Provide a short performance of their scripts

In our history focused workshop students will identify with two key principals of show curation! Rule number 1: The show must be based on local historical truth. Rule number 2: The historical context must be more than a 100 years old.

 Pupils will:

  • Assess the attraction’s historical account of London
  • In groups devise a new show considering: historical context, historically accurate set design and scripts, character representation and human senses - sight, smell and sound
  • Provide a short presentation of their new scene and debate historical accuracy

Being a fully immersive experience, the London Dungeon transports a guest back in time and enables them to see, hear and touch historic London.

Pupils will:

  • Discuss current and past set designs at the London Dungeon
  • Understand the thought process and skills required to create a new show
  • In groups develop a specification for a new show focusing on: Functionality, audience appeal, set design and props, technology to evoke senses, characters and costume
  • Provide an oral presentation of their ideas

Focusing on KS4 Science and health, disease and the development of medicine book an appointment with our very own Plague Doctor and seek advice on the deadly plague of 1665, treatment and medieval beliefs towards medicine and health!

Pupils will:

  • Explore the relationship between health and disease
  • Look at the characteristics of bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Discuss communicable diseases
  • Focus on the Plague of 1665 and use it as a case study to explore
  • The cause a of a disease
  • The spread of a disease and prevention
  • The cures of a disease
  • Medieval beliefs towards medicine and health

The shows of the London Dungeon are performed up to 80 times a day. With actors learning the scripts, being directed on set, applying makeup effects and performing a show that takes you back to a darker time in London’s history.

This drama workshop will focus on the performance of the shows, from acting varied characters with different accents, to how to apply effective makeup; as well as the importance of audio, lighting and costume design.

Pupils will:

  • Learn how to perform in a fast paced environment, focusing on vocal care, accents and emotional portrayal of characters
  • Learn how to apply effective make up and design sound and lighting
  • Perform a short show together


10:15 Arrival / Ticket collection Box Office

10:30 Workshop 

11:30 Tour

Please note this booking option is not available on Thursdays due to an 11am opening time. 

11:30 Arrival / Ticket collection Box Office

11:45 Workshop 

12:30 Tour 

13:00 Arrival / Ticket collection Box Office

13:15 Workshop 

14:30 Tour 

We recommend factoring at minimum a 3 hour visit into your itinerary if including one of our workshops. Please note that if your class size is larger than 34 students you will need to consider the admission/exit timings will be staggered across the booking options available. 

If you have a question please get in touch with us by emailing

Workshops are only available on weekdays during term time and must be made at least 10 working days in advance of your visit date, any unpaid workshops past 10 working days will be cancelled. Please be aware that once you have entered the attraction students and teachers will not be able to leave and re-enter.