The Judge & Courtroom

The Courtroom

"All cower in fear and respect for London’s maddest baddest Judge the right honourable Lord Wendy Farquar."


You must be guilty or very guilty to find yourself in this court room and the Judge has little time for your excuses, he's due back in the pub!

Who will get pulled up into the dock to confess their crimes? Who did a naughty dance on Westminster Bridge? Who stole a sheep? and worst of all, who's an accomplice to Big Dick Turpin?

The big question is, how will you plead? Guilty... or Very Guilty?


  • 18th Century (That's super, super old)


  • What's the 1783 equivalent to an ASBO?
  • Just what are the crimes of your fellow guests?
  • Will you be sent to the Gallows?

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