Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot

"Right, traitors! This warning has come too late. Your dirty little plot to blow up King and Parliament has been thwarted..."


Beyond the city gates you enter a dark, rat-infested tunnel that winds back beneath the city of London. Dare you proceed?

Of course you do, you've come to the London Dungeon! Not only are you brave and of higher than average intelligence, you're good looking. Of course you dare.

Anyway - and this is the kicker - who could resist the chance to BLOW UP PARLIAMENT?

Obviously you shouldn't concern yourselves with a certain unlit fuse next to all the gunpowder. Just relax and enjoy the history… it's never been so explosive. 

Remember remember the fifth of November,
You'll love The Dungeons a lot,
We see no reas'n, why you should be freez'n,
When gunpowder gets so hot :-)


  • 1605 (long before Netflix.. yikes!)


  • The world's most famous plotter (or at least part of him?)
  • What happened to Guy Fawkes during his 10 days of torture... nice!
  • Why Edward Bates isn't the brightest match in the box (LOLOL!)
  • See, hear, feel and smell what could have happened if Guy Fawkes was successful - it's going to get explosive!

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