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We spend massive amounts of time and attention to make The Dungeon experience really awesome. We write scripts, audition actors, design sets and make costumes.

Next we invest a load of money to get the word out, advertising, social media and on and on and on. The Marketing guys work their finely tuned derrieres off. We put the effort in.

Want to know a secret?

But... and this is the secret... nothing works like real reviews from real guests. So here they are. Please enjoy responsibly... and then... you know... book a ticket.

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“Lovely experience, the actor were AMAAAAZING
perfect amount of adrenaline”


Scary and fun

“I arrived at the London dungeon 15 of November 2016, i didn´t really know what to expect, just a laugh or being really scared!? The atmoshere were dark and the air was damp. I could smell the fear and excitement of the others that were joining me in the queue. Then the tour started and the actors started the play, i got both laugh and being really scared in the rooms of different horror experience. Enter at your own risk, prepare for terror, torture and death....”


An Excellent Evolving Family Attraction

“Having visited the dungeons at it's old location previously as a small child then several times after growing up I have found that the attraction is always evolving and improving the experience (although the old gruesome parts are missed!).
I have visited the new location twice and have found that the attraction is more suitable for all the family, but still gruesome at the same time with more humor added to cater for the modern times and attitudes towards this sort of attraction.
The actors are excellent at their roles and always stay in character and really make you forget the outside world whilst you are inside.
The rides are a great part of the attraction and really keep the excitement factor going.
Well done London Dungeons, I will be back again soon... Looking forward to a different experience again!
Recommend to families looking for a terrifying, funny and exciting experience... Maybe not the under 10's though!!”


Best experience i've ever had!

“This was creepy and hilarious, just enough of those two to make it Great!

The actors are great, and while you stand there and see all of these scenes about less than a meter away it feels you're in a comedy/horror movie.

This is the best/scariest experience I've ever had and i think i'm gonna come back some other time when they have added some new scenes.”


Fantastic Time

“Didnt really know what to expect as it's the unknown...but can honestly say the experience was brilliant...from the lift to the boats where my heart was in my mouth for a while... Onto the chair...excellent thought out production”

Mum and son

My Trip

“I enjoyed my time at the dungeon it was fun, and sometimes a bit scary. I did not like it when strobe lighting was used. The best bit was the drop at the end! Thanks I'll be back”


Literally amazing experience

“Was a bit skeptical with regards to the Dungeon especially as i suffer from claustrophobia but was totally amazing and thoroughly enjoyed my experience and it's been ticked off my bucket list. Will definitely be re-visiting at some point. The actors make you feel as if you were actually in the midst of all this happening in London. So deserves a 10/10!!”


100% fantastic

“My dad, son age 10 and myself went to the London Dungeon, 24.09.16. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, this was worth every penny from beginning to end. The characters,the costumes were amazing. I didn't want it to come to end! We went in at 10am and came out at 12, perfect, made our day. ??”

Dawn and kane


“Went today (27.08.16) to the London Dungeon, with two of my friends who came from Berlin to visit me and we just had the time of our lives. I got put in a cage,threatened to get my hair cut,had to demonstrate how to act when I get hanged and burned on one day. Just amazing!! The performances of the actors are just top class, the effects are amazing, the boat trip where I was in the front row was the creepiest thing.
I would love to again on a special show night.
Hopefully see you all there soon again.”


creepy history

“I thought the London Dungeon experience was a perfect combination between history of London and the scary feelings. Overall it was an exciting and thrilling experience ! I can't wait to come back!”


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