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The London Dungeon Reviews

We spend massive amounts of time and attention to make The Dungeon experience really awesome. We write scripts, audition actors, design sets and make costumes.

Next we invest a load of money to get the word out, advertising, social media and on and on and on. The Marketing guys work their finely tuned derrieres off. We put the effort in.

Want to know a secret?

But... and this is the secret... nothing works like real reviews from real guests. So here they are. Please enjoy responsibly... and then... you know... book a ticket.

These are the 10 most recent reviews. See full archive here.

The London Dungeon

“Grandma and grandson experience fantastic scary journey through the dungeon. Brilliant acting throughout Be prepared to be scared, but what amazing fun. A must see when in London and well worth the money.”

Grandma & Ethan (10)

Ken's Trip to the Dungeon

“I loved this place, great entertainment and served a couple of great pints. Thanks for the trip and well worth the price”


late nights adults only

“Last time I visited I was a mere slip of a girl about 20 years ago when it was at the clink. I had read the reviews and did not know what to expect. It still has the power to scare you but in a funny sort of way ! Loved the gin bar and the actors and actually ate one of Mrs Loveitts pies ! I was not looking forward to the drop but I loved it !! really good fun in an adult environment I would recommend that you make haste before all the adult nights are sold out.”


Fun times

“Took my girlfriend to the dungeon for a valentines treat 2015! Been to the london bridge one but the new one is so much better! A bit of history and laughs and scares all rolled into one ! Totally enjoyed it and would recommand it to anyone!”


The London Dungeon

“We so looked forward to coming to the London Dungeon and were not disappointed. From the moment we stepped inside, we were bowled over by the whole experience. All the actors and staff were amazing. This London attraction was worth every single penny. We could go on, but we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for everyone. Thank you so much for an amazing day out!”


Suprise 60th Birthday

“My mum's BIG 60th Birthday 22nd Novemebr 2014....where do I want to take her? THE LONDON DUNGEON. Never been before & didn't know what to expect. It was BRILLIANT, all the actors did fantastic credit to the character they was playing & never once came out of character. Mrs Lovett was my absolute favourite, over the top & did a good job of threatning to gauge my eyes out if I flirted with her partner in crime. My friend was picked out twice, he was so nervous, especially with a certain instrument that cuts off your meat only leaving your 2 veg behind. My mum laughed 60% of the time & screamed the remaining 40, she loved it! An interactive, educational show, actually smells like a dungeon, get splashed, poked & dropped & if your lucky, you can star in one sometimes 2 of the acts. This is much better than a sit down show with zero chance of bordom. It's a MUST SEE!!”


Dungeon or Theatre?

“I am really impressed. I mean, you can expect a scary journey through dark and surprises, but people believe me, the staff and actors are good for a Shakespeare play in West End or horror Hollywood movies. They are simply amazing. Weel done to the team!”


Don't act to cocky

“Seriously don't... I did but jack soon knocked that out of me! Your visit to ten bells pub will be more that just a pint of beer I promise. Just remember when the power goes grab hold of your may just be the 6th victim of mysterious jack the ripper!”



“This place is literally one of the best experiences I've ever had! All of the actors and actresses were amazing and funny yet still dark, sets and senses were genuinely overwhelming, didn't seem fake, an lovely balance of improvised and scripted, beautifully interactive, a great mix of scary and funny, Sweeny Tod and Jack The Ripper were quite literally terrifying (Had me cowering and screaming, almost breaking my friends hand I was holding it so tight :O) ABSOLUTELY WORTH A VISIT IF YOU EVER GO TO LONDON! (By the way, well done to all the actors/actresses, script writers, set designers, engineers, tech buffs and everyone who worked to make my experience amazingly terrifying x)”


Amazing would go again !!!

“Thank you to everyone in the London Dungeons for such an enjoyable experience from the Descent to the Boat Ride to the Drop Ride the whole thing was a great experience and I would pay to go again well done to all staff enjoyed would 100% recommend it”


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