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Reviews & love letters

Your reviews (and love letters)

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“Went here yesterday and it was AMAZING!!!! The actors and the sets are brilliant it was such a good time , I liked how they managed to get the smells in the different sets and the fact that people was getting picked on to go up , and they also have doors where they have had it so people are banging on them and trying to open them.
And the rise at the end was fantastic such a rush overall it was a brilliant day out I would definitely recommend anyone to go and I will be coming back again very soon I cannot wait ! It is well worth the money !”


The new London Dungeons

“Absolutely amazing !and I can't wait to see the new Great Fire of London !


The London Dungeon is Sheer Excellence!

“If you want to experience 90 minutes of absolute terror, laughter and absolute excitement, visit the London Dungeon; it is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!...SHEER EXCELLENCE!! I Highly recommend it!!!”

Liana Clara

Well worthwhile thing to do in London, not to be missed !

“A really good thing to do in London, well organised, orchestrated and run with lovely scenes and sets. Great detail and very atmospheric. You can tell that time and effort has gone into setting the scene, catching the mood and ambience of the period of time.

And the acting is the cherry on the cake, it almost makes the rides somewhat superfluous.

Nearly wove scripts with historical value yet entertaining for but he kids and adults alike.

My favourite was the 10 bells pub. Superbly delivered and acted and special effects were kept to a minimum to derive maximum impact.

Not to be missed.”


The London what?

“So I was in London with my acting school, and my friend and I accidentally saw the London Dungeon. So we had some spare time, and thought we should go in.
I must tell you, it was the best mistake I had ever made! The actors was amazing, I might even think it was the acting I've ever seen!
When we reached The Ten Bells pub, I thought that I was done being scared, but I wasn't. Of cause Jack The Ripper decided to go after me..
Fellas, I thought for a minute I was about killed! Shocking haha!

Just to close it, I would say that if you walk by the London Dungeon, dont hesitate by going in! :) - Thanks for a nice ride to death ;)”


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Descend into the heart of the Dungeon for the ultimate journey.
The Tyrant - Boat Ride
Henry VIII sent traitors to the tower. Don’t lose your head on his boat ride...
Guy Fawkes
Remember, remember; this will bring the house down.
The Torturer
It’s back-breaking work. Did I hit a nerve?
The Plague Doctor
Just stay alive! There’s something in the air. Seen the Doctor’s leeches?
Escape the Great Fire of London
Sweeney Todd
Who’s next? Have a short back and sides with Sweeney.
Whitechapel Labyrinth
He’s behind you… Jack’s out and about in the old streets of Whitechapel.
Jack the Ripper
Fancy an evening stroll? It’s what’s on the inside that counts...
The Judge
Frantically funny. Thief? Villain? Rogue? Clear conscience?
Drop Dead: Drop Ride to Doom
Drop ride to doom….hold on tight.

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