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Are you ready for The Dungeon?

Dare you enter the London Dungeon?

Let's be honest - the Dungeon is not for everyone.

Our visitors LOVE to laugh and have a good time. They come to be entertained, surprised, engaged and yes... a little bit scared.

We recommend that the easily offended stay away. Not sure? Take our simple test to see whether you are ready for the Dungeon.

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Still not sure, here's what other real live people say...

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Wicked day out

“First time at London Dungeons and we were very impressed. Super scary and also fun . The staff are amazing . Highly recommend it xx.”



“The London dungeon is amazing. all the actors make the experience scary and everything the London dungeon website promises. you will meet many actors and will walk into rooms with loads of effects to make your day truly scary and great. the drop dead ride continues the theme of the dungeon and is great fun for all the family.”


I'm a bad lass.

“This was my second time at the dungeons, yes I'm a bad girl. I was imprisoned last year too.
It's the best laugh ever. The characters are brilliant
The drop at the end was working this visit, scared the bejeesus out of me!!!
See you next year!!!!”


London Dungeon, a great experience

“It was scary, funny and a great experince. The staff gave it all they could to make this a great tour. I will definetely recommend this tour to everyone I meet.”



“A already visited the London Dungeon twice and on my trip in December this year (2015) I will visit the London Dungeon again. It is amazing to walk through all the different shows and be a part of it. The costumes, the actors and all the places where the shows take place are so detailed. I also visited the Dungeon in Berlin, but I think there is no better Dungeon than the London Dungeon. You know most of the stories like the story of Jack the Ripper or Sweeney Todd for example. And even I already knew what will happen when I vistited the Dungeon the second time, I was frightened again. I recommend to visit the London Dungeon to everybody who wants to have a special experience. It is scary,funny and a one-off.”


Fantasticly scared.

“Was one of the best days of my world. OMG!!.I loved all the actors and the attractions were really fun.The best part is when Jack the ripper scared me!!!”



“Great start to the dungeons puts you right in the mood for the rest of the journey. I really enjoyed the whole journey including the descents; fantastic im definitely coming again”


AMAZING!!! Loved every second!!!

“I went to the dungeons on the 17/10/2015 and it was the BEST thing i've ever done! i'm a massive wuss and it was not too scary! in fact found myself laughing more!! The actors are AMAZING they are such a credit to your business!!!!! the only bit i was truly scared was Jack the Ripper!! i was in the corner pushed up against some poor lady and i was shaking to death!!! Only downside was Drop Dead was not working and i was so looking forward to that BUT i shall try it on my next visit!! oh yes i shall be back!! 5/5!!! Best attraction in London!!!”


london dungeon

“I came here with my partner and we had a brilliant time, especially as he was used as an example of how to show how to torture !
The actors are great and we learned plenty as well. We want to come again and are looking at the over 18's experience”


Never fails to impress

“I have been to the dungeons a hand full of times and it has always been great. We went to the new home of the dungeous on southbank on sat 3rd oct and it was AWESOME!! There is so much detail in everything that is said and done.
All the actors were fantastic and really brought the characters to life.
The sets were brilliant and very realistic and the projected faces are amazing.
I recommend the dungeons to everyone and ill be back again next year.
Thank you for the laughs and the scare i got from the man with the plague mask while i was locked in a cage.


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“I just went to the ALL new London Dungeons, It is the 1st time I have visited the NEW one, and the first time my LITTLE sister came to any form of London Dungeons!! The queuing was very short and a fa…”

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