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Halloween at The London Dungeon


1st October – 1st November 2015

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The London Dungeon is The HOME of Halloween!

Scarily entertaining all year round, Halloween is when the scares are ramped up to the max and promises guests a full on 360° encounter of the ghostly kind ... with spine-tingling consequences.

New for 2015, Séance! is set in 1873 at a gathering hosted by the most celebrated medium of the day in the most notoriously haunted house of the time. Based on REAL events, guests will find themselves transported back to 50 Berkley Square as Florence Cook prepares for her latest sitting.


Dare they enter the séance chamber and witness Cook’s communion with her ghostly spirit guide? Or will the supernatural disturbances in the ante-room send them fleeing into the night? Those daring enough should prepare for the main event as guests see, hear and feel the spirit world summoned before them... with a climactic visitation that will rattle the strongest of nerves.

We WILL sell out. Tickets MUST be booked in advance to avoid horrible disappointment.

Book now we will sell out!

“I came here with my partner and we had a brilliant time, especially as he was used as an example of how to show how to torture !
The actors are great and we learned plenty as well. We want to co…”

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