Halloween at The London Dungeon


The Death Express

Limited run: 1st October – 6th November 2017

Halloween is our FAVOURITE time of year and, this year, it's #FullScreamAhead as the 'Home of Halloween' invites you to experience the scariest journey of the 19th Century. It’s a one-way ticket for the dead and a restless ride for the living!

It’s the 1850s and London’s cemeteries have become so overcrowded this new train line has one purpose…transport the dead out of London. You’ll experience the clickety-clack of the train…or is that bones from the coffins?

It’s the end of the line for the deceased in Woking, Surrey where they are finally laid to rest. But it seems some spirits aren’t quite ready to leave the city, beware as they may be hanging around as you embark on your journey home…just make sure it’s not your final one!

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“It was my first time going to the dungeon and i was so scared i just didn't know what to expect.The actors were very good and the costumes were amazing.The sound and light effects did make it scary. T…”

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