Jack the Ripper at the London Dungeon

Your exclusive guide to one of The London Dungeon's most notorious characters.

I have kept my true identity well hidden and I am certainly not going to reveal it here. But to aid your guessing game, here are some names that have been whispered: Prince Albert, Dr T Neill Cream, Montague John Druitt, James Kelly, Michael Ostrog
Jack the Ripper, Leather Apron, Whitechapel Murderer
Serial killer
Trademark appearance:
Black top hat, long black cloak with red-lining.
Favourite hangouts:
Whitechapel, East London
Anatomy, internal organs, knives, writing letters and blood graffiti.
Police investigations, alibis, busy-bodies, the media.
Preferred Victims:
Drunken female prostitutes, loose women.
Jack The Ripper at the New London Dungeon
Jack The Ripper at the New London Dungeon

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO look over your shoulder.
  • DO dress conservatively.
  • DO go unnoticed.
  • DO NOT flirt.
  • DO NOT walk alone.
  • DO NOT accept his offer to buy you a drink.

Behind the scenes

Jack the Ripper PDF

This man-about-town style doesn't happen by accident

See our character reference in this Jack the Ripper PDF.

Jack the Ripper will appear at the new attraction when it opens on 1st March 2013. A cast of 20 live actors will bring to life 1000 years of London's dark history - from Sweeney Todd to Henry VIII to Guy Fawkes.

Countdown to opening. Watch our actors rehearsing...

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