Henry VIII at the New London Dungeon

Your exclusive guide to one of The Dungeon's classic characters, the murderous King Henry VIII.

Henry VIII
Old Coppernose
King of England
Trademark appearance:
Blingy jewellery. Large codpiece. Rich, colourful, expensive layered clothes
Favourite hangouts:
Palaces, banquets, churches
Sporting, beheading, divorcing, eating banquets
Treason, traitors
Looking for:
Wife number 7; pretty, fertile, submissive. A woman who will attend to my every need. Must be able to produce a (male) heir to my throne.
The murderous Henry VIII

Surviving your audience with Henry VIII

  • DO bow down to him
  • DO compliment him on his codpiece
  • DO call him 'your majesty'
  • DO NOT get on the wrong side of him
  • DO NOT plot against him
  • DO NOT marry him
  • DO NOT lose your head

Henry VIII will appear at the new attraction when it opens on 1st March 2013. A cast of 20 live actors will bring to life some of the most notorious characters from 1000 years of London's dark history - from Guy Fawkes to Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper.

Watch Brian Blessed recording his lines as Henry VIII…

Henry VIII's calling card

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