Brian Blessed is Henry VIII at the New London Dungeon

For the first time in his five decade career, much loved actor Brian Blessed will appear as murderous monarch Henry VIII at the new London Dungeon.

  • he will appear virtually as a high-tech 3D talking head!
  • his famous booming voice will condemn guests to execution.
"It was all about the eyes and teeth and getting into the mind of the man. He was dangerous and menacing, a frightening King, and I will bring a wonderful extravagance and confidence to the role."
Brian Blessed

Brian insisted on a beard protection clause in the contract. For filming he ideally would have lost 5cms of his beard, but he wouldn't allow it. The beard was pinned back with hairclips and a hair net to get it to the right length. During filming Brian had to keep his head completely still, which was hard for this highly energetic man!

Measuring Brian’s head

Measuring Brian’s head

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Blessed will join a number of new characters who will appear at the new attraction when it opens on 1st March 2013. A cast of 20 live actors will bring to life some of the most notorious characters from 1000 years of London’s dark history - from Guy Fawkes to Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper.