The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor

It's 1665 and the Black Plague is rife. Wander down the winding muddy alley past houses with red crosses, rotting bodies and black rats.

PEST House

Welcome to the residence of... well... it may not matter. Try not to make too much noise. There's a fella here who'd like to die in peace - if his wife will let him!

Meet the Plague Doctor

Oh wait... he's dead. But let's not worry, the assistant is in charge and on the lookout for those infected. What can go wrong?

What you'll learn

  • Get the latest advice and in vogue cures from 1665.
  • Witness modern anesthetic!
  • See what those leeches are really for.

To the Sewers!

Bazalgette's Sewer is the height of Victorian engineering, it prevented a recurrence of the Great Stink. Venture on through a spinning sewer if you can, but beware the locals. They are quite whiskery and have long tails... if you take our meaning.

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My Opinion

“Tell you what this was the silliest thing I'd ever heard of! I went on my own and braved the attraction yet did not expect the chairs that we were sat on to be involved in making us feel like we were there. leeches yeah that was it made me jump but was funny. overall 10/10 brilliant a definite must take part in!”


very entertaining, funny and educational all at once!

“this was the best part of the Dungeons, he told a very good story and a brilliant actor portraying the Doctor's assistant. Very entertaining and educational at the same time! very enjoyable and would recommend going again!!”


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“We try to come every year and our pictures with the pillory show children growing tall enough to go from wielding the axes to being chopped themselves. We can't wait to see the new dungeons. And what …”

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