Where's Jack? The Ripper Myths

7th July - 31st August 2015


This summer The Ripper Myths will offer chilling new insights into the world’s most notorious serial killer’s story and the inhabitants of Whitechapel. Did the killer really remove body organs or were they removed in the mortuary after the murders? Were there more than five victims? Were the victims actually killed by the same hand or was there more than one murderer at large?

Hear the latest gossip on the Ripper from an East-End newspaper boy handing out the daily news. Once inside you’ll come across the purveyor of horsemeat Mrs Harriet Hardiman in her cat’s meat shop, whose sons have an uncanny affinity with the murders. A chilling dose of Dungeon scares follows, with a close encounter with the killer himself before entering Mitre Square, site of another Ripper murder, where ‘working girl’ Mary Jane Kelly nervously walks the streets and a determined Police Officer is intent on unpicking the evidence and challenging the accepted views on one of the ghastliest murder sprees of all time.

Uncover the myths behind the Ripper in a live, 360° storytelling experience, where edge-of-seat surprises lurk around every corner. All scripts and shows have been developed with author of Jack the Ripper, The 21st Century Investigation and top murder squad detective, Trevor Marriott.

Fascination with this London legend means we are sure to sell out – book in advance to avoid horrible disappointment.