The London Dungeon is bringing modern day fears to life with its new display of millennial pumpkins for the duration of its Halloween takeover, SCREAMFEST.

As the ultimate Halloween destination opens its gates to the scariest October in over 40 years, the attraction is combining London’s darkest history with the fears of millennials to bring to light the changing fears of the modern-day guest.

The resident torturer and other nefarious characters have been hard at work this week, carving pumpkins with new generation fears which go on display from this weekend. Some of the phrases include ‘Ghosted’ – ending a relationship by ceasing all contact with your partner without any warning or justification, as well as ignoring thier attempts to reach out or communicate – as well as more fearful issues such as Brexit.

Theresa May Dancing will be a favourite of many following the Prime Minister’s recent viral fame following her questionable dance moves at an official visit, sure to give anyone the frights; whilst ‘No Guac’ will instil fear into all avocado lovers. By far the most relatable, the fear of having 2% battery, will make guests squirm as they clutch their mobile devices before heading into the darkest dungeon yet.

Darker and danker than ever before, those brave enough will need to scamper past the millennial pumpkin patch and soulless skeletons and venture into rat-infested cells as they journey through London’s perilous past in a bid to escape with their lives intact.

With twenty haunting tales and two thrilling rides, guests will come face to face with London’s scariest and most notorious characters including Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, The Plague Doctor and The Torturer. Take on London’s only underground water ride as you sail to certain death down the Thames, dodge the grasp of an escaped convict from Newgate Prison, and prepare for a ‘hangy’ ending as you plummet into the depths on the exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride; Drop Dead.

Andrew Walker (General Manager for The London Dungeon) says ‘We know that bringing London’s dark history to life gives our guests an experience to remember however as time has gone on we understand that modern day fears have changed. We wanted to bring these fears to life for our guests in a truly dungeon-esque way and we are excited to welcome visitors to our very first millennial pumpkin patch – Theresa May dance moves strictly prohibited.’

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