The Hamburg Dungeon Reviews

We spend massive amounts of time and attention to make The Dungeon experience really awesome. We write scripts, audition actors, design sets and make costumes.

Next we invest a load of money to get the word out, advertising, social media and on and on and on. The Marketing guys work their finely tuned derrieres off. We put the effort in.


“After visiting the York dungeon years ago, I decided to visit the Hamburg Dungeon with a friend from Canada. Even though it was difficult to understand all the stories (...), the experions exceeded my expectations. With great actors performing their shows, great special effects and being an unforgettable experience, it was worth every Euro. The actor who played Igor in particular (...), had a magnificent performance. As he started our tour, the mood was set right away. Great shows and whenever I return to Hamburg, this is the first tourist trap I'd return to!”



“When I was on business in Hamburg I had some spare time and decided to go on one of the English tours they do at 10am. We had a nice little group with some American tourists and two English couples from Stoke (fellow Port Vale fans!). It was a really good tour, the actors were great and in particular the judge was hilarious. I went away feeling I learned a little more about Hamburg; great distraction during a otherwise boring business trip.”