News, Information & Accessibility

NEWS+++ Oh no! Our smugglers got caught and all their boats were scuttled! Until we'll 'find' some new ones, our boat ride has to remain closed (until further notice). Sorry!  

We recommend the experience is suitable for children 10 years and above, but this is at the discretion of the parent or guardian. No access for children under the age of 8 years.



We don’t really want to know what you do in your spare time … but we offer you the chance to take home your private torture devices. The ‘chappy chopper’ is a great souvenir of the Hamburg Dungeon or makes a perfect present for a (male) friend.

You will find great souvenirs and gimmicks to take home in our shop – you can have your own little piece of the Hamburg Dungeon.


A visit to the Hamburg Dungeon needs to be captured on camera! At the start of your journey, we will take your picture. At the end of your experience you can check whether you like your photo and, if you do, take it home with you.

We cannot allow guests to take their own cameras into the Dungeon as it will cause a distraction to our actors and other guests; therefore it is strictly prohibited to take pictures during your tour.


Male and female lavatories are located in the admissions area and at the end. A toilet with disabled access is located at the end (in our shop). Please use them before entering the Dungeon – we want to make sure you don’t wet yourself.



The Hamburg Dungeon welcomes everybody! We allow wheelchair access (up to 220kg/485lbs) throughout all our shows, with the exception of the rides. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate access to guests with electric wheelchairs.

Handicapped Guests

You will be required to stand for most of the 90-minute Hamburg Dungeon tour; seating is very limited.

Hearing Impaired Guests

The Hamburg Dungeon experience is largely delivered by actors and voiceover audio, often in low light levels. Therefore guests with hearing difficulties may struggle to experience the attraction fully.

If you have any concerns about any part of the Dungeon tour, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff for advice. We are here to help.


Special times also require special measures, and the well-being and health of our visitors and employees has the highest priority. Therefore we kindly ask you to follow these rules in the Dungeon:

- If there are any signs of infection or if you had contact with people with a confirmed infection, please contact the Health Department and postpone your visit.

- Please keep at least 1,5m distance to other guests

- Wearing a face mask ("everyday mask") is obligatory when you visit us (alternative: face visor). We cannot and will not make any exceptions, not even if you have a medical certificate.

- Please follow the rules of hygiene (wash your hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette, etc.)

- Use our disinfection facilities at the entrance and within our attraction

- We currently only accept cashless payment in our shop.

Please note that admission is currently ONLY possible with an online ticket purchased in advance - the box office is closed! This is the only way we can keep the strict capacity limits and avoid waiting times for you.


- I have an annual ticket / free ticket / valid ticket from the closing time - how can I book my visit?

For annual ticket holders as well as for all other types of pre-booked tickets or free tickets, we can only allow entry if a corresponding reservation ticket has been booked. This is only valid on presentation of e.g. the annual ticket. Without a reservation ticket no admission is possible.

- I have a discount voucher - how can I book an online ticket?

There is the possibility to redeem the coupon at the entrance ticket. To do so, please enter the number or the corresponding name under "Promotion Code" in the booking process.

- I have a free ticket, it expired between 31.03.2020 and 30.06.2020. What do I do now?

You can still come to the attraction with your free ticket until 30.08.2020.

- Can I change my time slot afterwards?

Unfortunately no. Please make sure that the date and time are correct when you make your booking and be at the entrance at the time of the time window. Due to strict capacity management, we cannot guarantee later admission.

- I do not want to buy online. What options do I have?

Unfortunately, we can only accept online tickets at the moment because the box office is not open.

- I have already bought an undated ticket. When can I visit you?

Please also book a reservation ticket for the desired period.

- Does my child have to wear a mask as well? / I have a mask exemption from the doctor

As admission to the Hamburg Dungeon is only permitted for children aged 10 and over, they too must wear a mask for the duration of their visit. We are unable to grant an exemption from the wearing of masks as the safety of our staff and guests takes priority. If it is not possible for you to wear a mask, please refrain from visiting the Hamburg Dungeon.