Hamburg Dungeon Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber

Will you crack under the pressure of the Torturer and his intimidating instruments?

The Torturer is having some wicked fun as he demonstrates his instruments and methods on you or one of your fellow unsuspecting bystanders. Whether you are a criminal, traitor or heretic - or incredibly innocent, he has all the tools to make you confess. With a wicked glint in his eye the torturer will demonstrate The Hook, Pear, Tongue tearer, thumbscrews and (if you are a very unlucky chap ...) the chappy chopper!

  • Get tied to the torture chair.
  • Watch your mates whimper with fear.
  • See who is locked up in the torturers cell.
  • What will be your terror torture tool?


This show is situated in a round room. A round room makes people feel uncomfortable because they cannot hide in corners... Everybody is exposed to the torturer, who will pick his victims carefully - it could be anyone!


  • How the chappy chopper works.
  • Whether you will leave with all your friends.