Hamburg Dungeon Mad House

The Mad House

Since the early 17th Century the infamous Work House has stood on the banks of the Alster. Torture, beatings, slave-like work and fear was everyday commonplace for the lost souls who were imprisoned here.

The prisoners had to pay for their sins with inhumane torture – there was no way out. In the dark cells prisoners soon became insane. The one thing to remember, if you find yourself walking through the catacombs of the Warehouse District, is ‘Caution!’. One wrong word or unconsidered move and you could also end up as a prisoner in this terrifying Work House.

  • You will have no rights in this mad house of hell.
  • Feel the fear the prisoners will have experienced.
  • Will you fall victim to the merciless guards?



This show plays out mainly in darkness. Who is that locked up in the cell? The lights go out… the cell is empty… where is the madman… is he hiding next to you? With special lighting and sound effects, this show will make you scream and sweat with fear.


  • Will you cheat death in this Mad House?
  • Did any of the prisoners manage to escape?
  • Why is this Work House so dangerous for you?