Hamburg Dungeon The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

You and your fellow witches have been found guilty and now you must face the disorienting Labyrinth– the claustrophobic and confusing maze of tunnels.

The tunnels are leading to only one place; the dreaded hospital where you can expect an interesting anatomy lesson ... There is no way back, all you hear are the cries from within the maze.

Navigate your way through the narrow maze of mirrors. Perhaps through the smoke and the terrifying noises, you will encounter your own frightened reflection. Surprises will wait for you at every turn.



To add to the confusion in this claustrophobic maze, lots of special effects have been created. Two giant fog machines and stage lighting with dimming effect work with the mirrors to make it even more disorienting. Reflections and illusions will make you feel at a complete loss in the Labyrinth.


  • Is there a way out of the maze?
  • How many people have died in these horrible tunnels?
  • Do you have any sense of direction?