The Inquisition

Die Inquisition

Confess your sins! Take your stand in the dock! Everyone is guilty!

Meet our stern inquisitor in the courtroom – please stand for the Judge! The crazed inquisitor's eyes are popping out of his head with disgust at the wicked crimes committed by you and your fellow visitors. This show is full of fun and audience participation as the eccentric Judge tries whoever he wants, for his or her scandalous crimes. From witchcraft to treason, from being from Belgium to having a mono-brow. BOO the criminals!

  • Face the judge and his large book of secrets.
  • Three criminals, three crimes, three guilty peasants.
  • Find out who has been spotted in the middle of committing his crime.


  • Who will float and who will sink?
  • Was dancing naked in the dark against the law?
  • What happened to those found guilty?

Dungeons Uncovered

The costumes have been designed to accurately represent judges in this time. Scarily enough, their arbitrary reasoning is just as representative.

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“When I was on business in Hamburg I had some spare time and decided to go on one of the English tours they do at 10am. We had a nice little group with some American tourists and two English couples from Stoke (fellow Port Vale fans!). It was a really good tour, the actors were great and in particular the judge was hilarious. I went away feeling I learned a little more about Hamburg; great distraction during a otherwise boring business trip.”


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“After visiting the York dungeon years ago, I decided to visit the Hamburg Dungeon with a friend from Canada. Even though it was difficult to understand all the stories (...), the experions exceeded my…”

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