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It is the first year after the end of the First World War. Food is in short supply, especially meat - people eat whatever they can get, like "Hamburg's best aspic". But in the summer of 1919, it becomes clear that something is "rotten" in the butcher's shop. So rotten that it stinks... A horse-drawn wagon with barrels overturns - animal carcasses of dogs, cats and rats and other waste spills out onto the streets. Is that what is in the famous aspic? The people are horrified. An angry mob storms the meat factories and want to get back at the butchers...


In our seasonal show "Kadaverrevolte" you will find yourself in the middle of these riots in the streets of Hamburg. Between stinking barrels, blow flies and bloody rags you are recruited by the shady foreman of Starck Butchery to support him in his rotten scheme. So if you have strong nerves, an even stronger stomach and above all, no scruples, you can make a real career here ...

What you will learn:

  • How was the scandal uncovered?
  • How did the people fight back?
  • Which of your companions can be persuaded to engage in unscrupulous schemes?


The Hamburg Dungeon reveals


Unscrupulous butchers live dangerously: during the aspic riots in 1919, a butcher, Heil, was taken from his factory by an angry Hamburg mob and was drowned in Alster. He barely survived. The furious riots over contaminated aspic would only be ended after seven days with the use of tanks from Berlin.


For the seasonal show, which will only be played from March 1 to April 30 of 2023, part of the harbour will be converted to the Starck butcher shop.

Info about the show

You are in 1919

Scary factor: 4/5

You can experience this show only in March and April of 2023.