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"Gängeviertel" at the Hamburg Dungeon

How did the darkest neighborhood of Hamburg look like in the 19th century? What kind of characters lurked in the darkness? In the infamous Gängeviertel you will meet Hannes and Berta who will take you along into the vaults and show you the way through the Dungeon.

Hamburg, 200 years ago: the dark and vibrating Gängeviertel extends from today’s still famous Hamburg Speicherstadt down to the very edge of the harbor.

In the Gängeviertel, Hamburg’s residents lived cramped together under very poor conditions yet it was their sense of community that shaped their lives the most. Dock workers, scoundrels, and cutthroats mingled in dark pubs and narrow alleyways.

One thing is for certain, these streets were no place for decent people. Yet Hamburg’s bourgeoisie braced the notorious neighborhood from time to time in order to partake in illegal gambling or to obtain exclusive goods that were only available here and nowhere else in Hamburg. Weapons, alcohol, and small bottles with hazardous substances sold like hot cakes.

Because of these illegal businesses, it was not easy for Hamburg’s police force to crack down on criminals in the Gängeviertel and to take them into custody. After all, the residents depended on these businesses for their livelihoods and so they banded together in their resistance against the police. If someone so much as spoke to the police, they were branded a traitor and banished from the community.

Experience this splendid rotten time first hand at the Hamburg Dungeon! In the very first show of the Hamburg Dungeon, either Hannes or Berta will welcome you to the Gängeviertel. They will offer you a first taste of what’s to come on your upcoming journey through the dark and thrilling Hamburg Dungeon before accompanying you into the elevator of horrors and further into the dark depths of our vaults. Pay close attention because these two have some useful tips that may just ensure your survival.


  • What kinds of goods were sold in the Gängeviertel?
  • Who are all these strange people in your group?
  • Is someone from your group involved in any illegal businesses?
  • You will receive helpful tips on how to find your way out of the Dungeon. 
  • Good fortune or bad fortune? Which one will be your companion on your way through the Hamburg Dungeon?


No matter whether Hannes or Berta welcomes the guests to the Gängeviertel, the actor of the show is a key figure in providing the first impression of the Hamburg Dungeon. And we all know you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

At the Hamburg Dungeon we offer tours in English and German so the actor has to be able to switch languages from one group to the next. That requires a high level of concentration so that no matter the language, the groups will get to experience the same nerve-racking show at the Hamburg Dungeon.