The case of „Maria Katharina Wächtler“ is one of the most exciting of the 18th century.

She was accused of killing and dismembering her husband in their apartment. His body parts were found wrapped in packages all the way to Lübeck.

The evidence was overwhelming but Maria Katharina Wächtler refused to confess. To get her confession she was brutally tortured for two years and the media and the public were delighted by her suffering. Until today it is not clear if she had killed her husband. But one thing is for sure – She is back and she is looking for revenge.

Can you escape her furious ghost?

What you'll learn

  • What was her motive?
  • How was she executed?
  • What did the press have to do with the whole story?


The show takes place in an abandoned apartment in which the visitors meet the landlord. However, there is something different about this apartment. Objects move as if they’re possessed, and you’ll get the strange feeling of another presence in the room.

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