Hamburg Dungeon Klaus Störtebeker

Klaus Störtebeker

Witness the cruel execution of this legendary pirate!

It is 1401, the Hamburg Council has found Störtebeker guilty of his many crimes and he faces execution. To try to save his crew, Störtebeker makes an agreement with his captors: Störtebeker will be first in line to have his head chopped off. If he stands after his head is cut off, and walks along the line of his crew, the further his headlesss body will go, the more men will be pardoned by the Council.

  • Störtebeker and his crew are captured by the Hanseatic!
  • Whilst waiting for his execution, Störtebeker makes a unique agreement with his captors.
  • As soon as his head is chopped off, he would rise and walk!



The show is divided into three separate parts. First, you will meet the pirates who will tell you some great stories about Klaus Störtebeker. Then you will take the pirate ship to Grasbrook, the place of execution. Finally, you will arrive at Grasbrook and you will experience the execution of the infamous pirate … and see if he gets up again.


  • Who can be trusted?
  • What is the best battle cry?
  • Will Klaus Störtebeker stand up and save you?