Hamburg Dungeon Gängeviertel

Hamburg's "Gängeviertel"

Almost 500 years ago Hamburg’s historic alleyway neighborhood, the ‘Gängeviertel‘, reached from as far as the historic ‘Speicherstadt’ to the harbor embankment. People dwelled poorly and in very cramped conditions, but with a great sense of belonging. The police struggled to get any headway among the tight and rambling back streets. This is where dock workers, scoundrels, and cutthroats went about their business in the dingy pubs and narrow passageways.

Experience this wonderfully terrible time up close at Hamburg Dungeon.  Make the acquaintance of Hannes and Berta during our ‘Gängeviertel’ show, and from there begin your exciting journey through the dark and nerve-wracking Hamburg of past.


  • Whether the lift actually works.
  • Who's the most scared (and likely to be picked on!)

Descent is the perfect opening to your Dungeon experience, funny, suspenseful and beautifully played. If the Dungeon was a movie, Descent would be the title sequence.