Guy Fawkes

1842 Hamburg is burning

The night of 4th May 1842 was one of the most devastating in the history of Hamburg.

Step back into the Great fire of Hamburg.

Shortly after midnight thick clouds of smoke started to cover Deichstraße. A night-watch was the first to spot the quickly unfolding disaster as smoke gave way to fire. Narrow alleyways and wooden houses fed the fire and it wasn’t long before a big fire raged through the streets of Hamburg and death traps formed. Chaos and panic spread through Hamburg - there was no stopping the furious blaze. Adjacent reservoirs of flammable materials such as rubber, oil or alcohol fed the fire even further. The raging fire destroyed everything that got in its way.

Can you hear the screams? Can you smell the burning wood? The fire is getting closer! Can you find your escape in the stuffy darkness?


You will meet plunderers in this show. Warning: they are targeting on your valuables!


  • Why did the fire spread so quickly?
  • Who were the nasty people plundering the abandoned trading posts